The Locate a Locum community offers members a rewarding environment where you can collaborate with fellow locums, share advice and discuss industry news. We offer members exclusive events and regular competitions. We've listed below some of the benefits of joining our private Facebook group - "Locum Pharmacist UK and Ireland".

1. Networking

Our community conists of over 3000 locum pharmacists and allows all members to connect in one place. It also provides an excellent opportunity to get to know other locums and build connections within the industry.

2. Expert advice and guidance

Our members often ask for advice in the group for various reasons. For example, working in different areas of the UK, adjusting to locum work and asking what software different pharmacies use. Regularly we post within the group about important information pharmacies relay to us on getting registered with multiples or relevant industry news.

3. Members only events

We regularly host expert-led webinars for locum pharmacists. Whether it be writing an effective CV or learning how to manage your accounts as a self-employed locum, we cover a range of topics to ensure you are well informed.

Watch this video from Sarah to find out more about our Locate a Locum community -

What is the Locate a Locum community?

How do I get access to the Locate a Locum community?

Our community group is a closed Facebook group called "Locum Pharmacist UK and Ireland". To request access click here.

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Locate a Locum Team