Find out how Weldricks automated Rotas 9 months in advance


Weldricks Pharmacy have 63 pharmacies, with over 600 trained pharmacy staff.


Weldricks wanted a system they could use for their rota planning that was ‘live’. This would enable any changes to be seen immediately by branches.

This would also support with any shift changes and contacting Locums about vacant shifts in a simple and efficient manner.

The administration of staff leave required paper-based leave requests to come through head office for sign off. Weldricks wanted to ensure that the solution they chose highlighted any potential compliance issues to ensure they met all regulatory requirements.


Locate a Locum worked collaboratively with Weldricks to implement an end to end workforce management solution. The Weldricks can now:

  • Rota - Schedule permanent and bank staff into shifts through a live rota
  • Bank - Easily communicate with and book compliant staff through Locate a Locum's mobile app
  • Leave - Manage leave requests on one platform and allow staff access to their own schedule through the mobile app
  • Reports - Improve performance by accessing detailed insights through the Locate a Locum Reports module


  • Head office team now have rotas created 1 year in advance for permanent staff and 9 months in advance for relief staff
  • 50% reduction in unfilled shifts
  • 100% staff enablement reported
  • Eliminated paper processes related to rota management
  • Improved the operations team’s visibility
  • 100% of locum and bank pool compliant

Amy C

Locum Co-ordinator


“ Working with Locate a Locum has been fantastic. We now have visibility of all our branches rotas and we can create schedules up to 9 months in advance for permanent and relief staff. The platform is easy to navigate, simple to read, and contains all the information needed on one intuitive platform. ”

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