So, you’ve just finished your Pre-Reg year and you’ve been added to the register and you’re starting to think about searching for a full time job - sound familiar?

Have you considered working as a locum? This could be the perfect role to get you started and let you ‘try before you buy’. Here’s six reasons why being a locum is the perfect role for a newly qualified pharmacist.

  1. Try before you buy - I’m sure you have heard that phrase before but did you ever think that it would apply to your future career. Well, with Locate a Locum it could, our user friendly app allows you to sample different organisations before you fully commit.
  2. Expand your skill set & explore career options - Putting theory into practice is important, especially when you are newly qualified. Working in different pharmacies gives you the opportunity to work with pharmacists that have various experience levels, this could help you broaden your horizons beyond your Pre-Reg year and in turn help shape what sort of pharmacist you want to be, or don’t want to become.
  3. Maintain your flexibility - The most apparent benefit of being a locum pharmacist is that it affords you greater flexibility in both your personal and work life. You can have much more control over working hours and the type of work you do, giving you the chance to pick and mix your shifts as you wish. Maintain your freedom and find your feet all at the same time!
  4. Travel the world, or at least the country - Experience different locations across the UK with Locate a Locum. Work in Scotland on Monday, Newcastle on Tuesday and close out your week in Manchester. Also, having no fixed contract gives you an improved work/life balance meaning after all your studying if you wanted to take a late gap year you could.
  5. Never be short of work - There is huge demand for pharmacists as I’m sure you know! By registering with Locate a Locum you always have the ability to do extra shifts - even if you do take on a full time position.
  6. The Pay - The average Locum Pharmacist in the UK earns an average wage of £21.68 per hour. Just think, you could have your studies paid off in just 81 short weeks.

If this sounds good or if you would like some more information you can get in touch with our expert team below. Alternatively you can sign up and explore jobs for yourself.

If you need any further hints, tips or career advice you can contact our expert team!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team