The headlines are screaming about the cost of living crisis, rising energy bills and a looming recession. With such uncertainties, you may be wondering whether now is the right time to make your move into locum pharmacy. Why would you leave a stable permanent job not to know where you could be working for the next few weeks or the next 6 months?

We’ve put together various blogs on the benefits of locum pharmacist work and the different aspects of it compared to permanent full-time roles. But at a time when financial stability is so important, what really is the cost of becoming a locum pharmacist?

So, first things first you need to be compliant to register with Locate a Locum and to start booking shifts with our clients. This means that you need an updated DBS check and professional indemnity insurance.

What is a DBS check?

DBS refers to the disclosure and barring service, to work as a pharmacist you must have an enhanced DBS and you can only apply for these via registered bodies. Luckily, Locate a Locum are a registered body and can provide you with the pin and secret word required to complete the application.

You can view these here along with the steps on how to do this process. It’s expected that your application should take 2 weeks to process considering all the supporting documents have been provided.

How much does a DBS check cost? What can Locate a Locum do to help?

A DBS check costs £61 (plus £4.20 that the Post Office charges for a document check). However, when you work 10 shifts with Locate a Locum we will reimburse you for the entire cost all you have to do is provide your original proof of purchase.

We recommend that you register for the enhanced DBS update service. This is an annual service that keeps your certificate up to date and shows employers that you are fully compliant and registered to work legally. We have more information on this process here.

What is professional indemnity insurance? Can Locate a Locum support me with the costs?

It is essential to have professional indemnity insurance to make sure that, where a person has suffered harm through the negligence of a registrant, they will be able to receive any compensation and costs of litigation to which they are entitled following a successful claim.

We have an arrangement with NPA insurance whereby if you buy your insurance from them using this link we receive a copy of your certificate and this also speeds up your application so you can start applying and booking shifts straight away. The cost of a locum insurance policy with NPA insurance is £173.04 - £366.84.

How long would it take me to reimburse the cost of becoming a locum?

According to our latest market rates study with data collected from April - July this year, the average hourly locum pharmacist wage in the UK was £37.49. This is an increase of £4.81 from the previous year and if you work a 10-hour shift, means you would be taking home £374.90 (before potential break deductions). What does this mean? It means that after working one shift with Locate a Locum you will earn back the cost of your indemnity insurance and when you work 10 shifts we’ll reimburse you for your DBS check.

Benefits of working with Locate a Locum

Yes, we can alleviate the costs of your compliance requirements. But what else? By signing up to Locate a Locum you are joining 30,000 healthcare workers who already are securing regular work with companies nationwide. We work with some of the UK’s largest multiples including Superdrug, Boots and Asda plus many more.

With our platform, you can apply to as many shifts as you like and once you’re accepted to one, all other applications will be removed automatically to ensure you’re not double-booked.

If you’re not ready to make the leap to full-time locum pharmacy life, that’s okay! A lot of our members pick up locum shifts alongside their full-time job, we’ve provided advice on how to do this effectively here. There is no harm in trying it out before you make your final decision - but the benefits of locum work largely centre around the flexibility of time and location.

In terms of location, hourly rates differ depending on which area you choose to work in. For example, sparse areas in Scotland had the highest hourly rates in our study such as £54.11 in Inverness. We also offer stay-aways which yield fantastic rates for a week anywhere in the UK!

Get in contact

If you have any questions about our DBS check reimbursement and insurance partnership, contact us here. Our team will be able to advise you through the process to offset the costs of becoming a locum pharmacist. Don’t forget about the other perks and benefits of joining Locate a Locum such as our exclusive community and referral bonus scheme!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team